Here’s What We Mean By “Organic for All”

Here’s What We Mean By “Organic for All”

For uniformcustom, protecting the earth and the people on it is not a business model. It’s an obligation. We hold ourselves to a high standard of sustainability, such as a majority of our items adhering to a variety of third-party certifications. Together, they ensure that we’re doing our utmost for sustainability efforts, including keeping waterways clean and promoting the reforestation and preservation of our planet. Moreover, they help us create toxin-free products that are better for your family—while giving the workers who produce them a safer manufacturing environment, free from exposure to harmful substances.


ALL FOR: Quality

When something is beautiful, useful, and made to last, you’ll love it—and use it longer. That’s why we’re focused on offering purposeful, eco-minded products at uniformcustom. And we do it through thoughtful design combined with sustainable, high-quality materials: certified organic cotton that blooms and softens with each wash, thread counts using durable fibers in the perfect range, and low-impact dyes that produce color that’s remarkably vibrant (and always toxin-free).


ALL FOR: Affordability

We understand that, for some people, the word “organic” often signals “out of my budget.” At uniformcustom, we strongly believe quality products that are healthier for you and your family should not be priced for people with bigger pocketbooks. In that spirit, we use things like a vertically integrated supply chain, organic cotton bought in bulk, a domestic distribution center, and smart design. They all help keep our product quality high and our prices reasonable.


ALL FOR: Accessibility

We believe sustainable brands should be within better reach for everyone. Some of our customers prefer the experience of shopping for our products online, where they can have orders shipped conveniently to their home from our website or from online retail partners they trust. Others prefer to do it in person at physical stores where they already frequently shop.


ALL FOR: Choice

In some cases, sustainable bedding means sheets that only come in neutral, muted, or monochromatic tones. But at uniformcustom, we strive to be the opposite of beige. We offer a broad selection of certified organic cotton bedding that caters to a variety of tastes—from modern to timeless—and always in bold color that’s certified by OEKO-TEX® to be safe.


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